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About Us

ReyoGroup Interactive™ was founded in 2016 with the scope to create as many online projects as possible for the general public of the online environment. ReyoGroup Interactive is a division owned and founded by iCloudRR (Moldovan Raul), the online premium content network for information, entertainment and more. Our culture of creativity, seriousness, work and collaboration is present in all ReyoGroup Interactive projects.


Our Reyo™ projects has the fastest global server across the globe for a smooth experience. We have a good backbone for our clients and projects.


All of our projects and services have high-trained staff for an excellent support. You can take the deserved break, we are here for you!


We are a team of creative people, ReyoGroup Interactive™ was founded by iCloudRR (Moldovan Raul) in early 2016.


All of our projects and services hosted by ReyoGroup Interactive™ are protected against attacks to be stable!


What do we offer? We offer a wide range of services (web hosting, game hosting, radio hosting, dedicated servers, vps servers, web development, web design, site development services, coding and much more that we expect you to discover by viewing our projects!).
Our team is experienced and enthusiastic, we want to offer the best projects that we can!


If you want to contact us, send us an email at [email protected] or by contacting us on the Whatsapp Business number +40 729 882 265 (this phone number is not available for phone calls or SMS). You can also contact us using the form below this message.



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